What online misogyny?

I’m a man and I’ve never experienced misogyny online, therefore it doesn’t actually exist.

The best response to this observation comes from the US talk show host John Oliver who, in a 2015 episode of Last Week Tonight about the online harassment of women, said:

If you’re thinking, ‘Well come on that doesn’t seem like that big a problem,’ well congratulations on your white penis. Because if you have one of those, you probably have a very different experience on the internet. (Jon Oliver cited in Roy, 2015)

Sending unsolicited dick pics isn't misogyny. It's a high compliment.

Dear Unsolicited Dick Pic Senders

Given the sheer volume of penis photos currently clogging the world’s cyber-plumbing, I understand that many of you think nothing could be hotter or more appropriate or complimentary than sending women photos of your junk. In general, I have noticed that you tend to send these images on the following four occasions:

(1) As part of standard, getting-to-know-you-type interactions with women online. (‘Hello. My name is Holden McGroin. I like long walks on the beach, I’m a scorpio, and here is a garishly-lit photo I took of my erect penis. You like?’)

(2) As part of standard, angry-that-you-are-ignoring-or-rejecting-me-type interactions with women online. (‘Hello. You’re a stuck-up bitch for failing to answer my very hot and appropriate and complimentary message asking if you suck and fuck. While you don’t deserve it, here’s yet another garishly-lit photo of my erect penis. Enjoy xox.’)

(3) As part of standard, dialectical approaches to debates about politics/sport/finance/etc with women online. (‘Hello. I don’t agree with your opinion on whether alternative energy can replace fossil fuels. Get a load of one more garishly-lit photo of my erect penis #checkmate #irestmycase.’)

(4) As part of standard, I’m-bored-at-work-and-there-seems-to-be-a-woman-over-on-that-there-internet-type activities online (‘Hello. I’m supposed to be doing some capitalism right now but industrial statistics just aren’t doing it for me today. Attached, my penis. Have an awesome day.’)

The tl;dr is that unsolicited dick pics are not hot or appropriate or complimentary but the cyber equivalent of indecent exposure. If you are sending these pictures, please take a good, long, hard look at yourself so women are no longer the ones who have to do this looking.

Thanking you in advance

Me and also all of the other ladies online