Rapeglish: a definition

noun  /reɪp/ ɡlɪʃ/

An emerging yet increasingly dominant online dialect whose signal characteristic is graphic and sexually violent imagery. Often accompanied by: accusations that female recipients are overweight, unattractive, and acceptably promiscuous; all-caps demands for intimate images; and strident denials that there is any misogyny on the internet whatsoever. Routinely deployed on hook-up apps and online dating sites in response to women who decline suave male overtures such as sending unsolicited penis portraits or using pick-up lines such as ‘If I flip a coin, what are the chances of me getting head?’.

Usage example one

‘In many sectors of the internet, Rapeglish has become a lingua franca – the “go-to” response for men: who disagree with what a woman says; who dislike the way a woman looks; who are unhappy with the response/lack-of-response to their unsolicited “dick pics”; or who simply believe, as one commentator recently put it on Facebook, that all women are “cunts” who deserve to be “face fucked” until they turn blue.’

Usage example two

Rapeglish often involves sentence construction in the form of hostile wishful thinking, such as, “I hope you get raped with a chainsaw”. In some cases, men have explained that such formulations have been deliberately deployed to side-step potential legal action.’

Usage example three

‘While Rapeglish was John Internet’s second language, his ability to call women fat, ugly, sluts while threatening to gangbang them for being so ungangbangable was truly startling.’

Usage example four

‘When Joe Messageboard discovered a fellow internet user guilty of stating an opinion while in possession of a vagina online, he yelled at her in Rapeglish for over 9,000 hours before demanding she send him NUDES.’

Usage example five

‘Jack Username found Rapeglish particularly useful in situations in which it was obvious that a woman was using the internet to game, express opinions, post status updates, engage in work-related activities, have social media accounts, network, promote her business, make purchases, and/or to demonstrate proof of her existence in any way whatsoever.’

– Emma A. Jane