Frequently Asked Questions, Expressions of Shocked Disbelief, and Hatey Hate from All of the Haters

This section is for the confused, the distressed, the skeptics, the alienated scholars, those men who never have and never would abuse women online, and anyone else who visits this site and finds themselves in a state of weirded-out and/or shocked disbelief. The ‘Why doncha go die?’ section is for all of the Hatey Haters. Without their indefatigable Rapeglish-ing, these Random Rape Threat Generators would not have been possible. Then again, they would not have been necessary which would have been a far superior state of affairs.

How is this helpful?
Why a generator?
Why the whimsy?
Why so explicit?
Why so limited?
What online misogyny?
Why doncha go die?
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– Emma A. Jane