Input Data

Messages contained in the three boxes on the extended remix version of the Random Rape Threat Generator are constructed from seven data set files which are accessible via the seven links, below:

Wot his lady problem?

data set 1

Wot he say her?

content_1   content_2   adjective   noun   signoff

Wot he do next?

data set 2

The code selects random entries from data set 1 and data set 2 for the “Wot his lady problem?” and “Wot he do next?” messages, respectively. For the ‘Wot he say her?’ message, the code selects one of the following fourteen combinations of random entries from the content_1, content_2, adjective, noun, and signoff data sets:

   adjective   noun
   content_1   content_2
   content_1   adjective   noun
   content_2   adjective   noun
   content_1   content_2   adjective   noun
   content_1   signoff
   content_2   signoff
   adjective   noun   signoff
   content_1   content_2   signoff
   content_1   adjective   noun   signoff
   content_2   adjective   noun   signoff
   content_1   content_2   adjective   noun   signoff

The Hateful Gibberish page offers a graphical example of how you can get a staggering number of unique and no-less-rapeglishy-sounding messages constructed from the original data set by splicing and shuffling its components around, and then sticking them back together in novel but rapeglish-grammar-respecting ways.

However, as explained throughout this site, all of the input data is drawn from real-life contexts. This is intended to give the spliced, shuffled and re-constituted messages – despite being automatically generated – additional realism and ecological validity.

For more detail about how this data was collected and analysed, see the Methodology page. Please note, that the classic version of the generator uses a sub-set of paraphrased data from the extended remix version.

– Nicole A Vincent