Many thanks to the multitude of women who have donated their Rapeglish to this research project and archive – especially Clementine Ford, Sady Doyle, and the 51 Australian women who shared their stories for The Cyberhate Project. Deep gratitude to my most excellent friend and academic collaborator Dr Nicole A Vincent who contributed most of the requisite ones and zeros for these generators, whose mad coding skillz leave me gobsmacked, and who helped out in exactly one ∞ (rounded up to the nearest ∞) other ways. Thanks to the folks at whose code for Mr William Shakespeare’s Insult Generator was modified to produce the Radio Edit version of this site’s Random Rape Threat Generator. Thank you, also, to the testers of the alpha and beta versions of this generator, as well as (in alphabet soup-style order): Chris Fleming, Tara Moss, and Paul Vincent. Finally, kudos to the many women around the world who continue to speak out about and re-publish the abuse they receive despite the fact that publicly observing that there are rape threats online is almost invariably greeted by yet more rape threats.

– Emma A. Jane