Extended Remix

This director’s cut of the generator contains more data, and extra sections. It shows the disconnect between what men can perceive as lady problems and how they respond – as well as some of the ways online abuse is spilling offline.

Wot his lady problem?

Women keep lying.

Wot he say her?

“People (Women mostly) Seem to forget why we have Tits or GTFO. Because we would get these shameless attention whores coming here, demanding our attention because they have a vagina. We are all anon, No face No gender Nothing to set up apart from one another. Equil! … Your being female HAS NO FUCKING RELEVANCE! We don’t care what your fucking gender is! We are Not asking for it so don’t broadcast it! To fight this we invented Tits or GTFO. This was done as a deterrent to shun away the attention whores. If you do show Tits and Vag with time stamp, your just in the end confirming what we all thank about you. You are an attention WHORE, your Whoring your body out for attention. You shame yourself by doing this. You only have yourself to blame. Because GET THE FUCK OUT is always a choice.”

Wot he do next?

Tells her women are the real emotional abusers.